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With its business partners, customers and employees, Techno Diesel advocates lasting relationships based on common values.

The vision and values shared by the great Techno Diesel team aim to put the customer at the heart of the decision-making process. The professional approach is therefore considered in order to maximize the effectiveness of each department and to develop close relations between the individuals.

Evolving in a healthy and respectful environment, where mutual aid is part of everyday life, promotes professional development and stimulates the involvement and responsibility of each.

Our mission

Working at Techno

Discover passionate people and a stimulating and safe work environment.


A family history

For the Thuot’s family, the history of Techno Diesel is at the heart of their concerns.

Originally a small business, Techno Diesel has always been for the family an integral part of everyday life. At the very beginning, Jacinte has naturally assisted Marcel for administrative matters. Over the years, she took under her wing the overall management.

Then, the couple in business has evolved for more than 20 years until the arrival of their four daughters in the company.

Caroline, Marilène, Andrée-Anne and Marjorie have first worked at Techno Diesel as students. They have discovered the company from an internal perspective while working alongside customers and collegues. They have officially joined the team in 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2012 in different sectors of activity : production, supply, management and sales.

In January 2013, both family and company knew an era of change. Caroline has taken over the executive management which was under the leadership of Jacinthe for more than 15 years. This change has characterized their history because it represented the arrival of the second generation at the helm of the company.

In 2016, the presidence was also transferred to Caroline. The four sisters are working together on a daily basis, each within their influential role and in various areas of the company. They are surrounded by a management team and high-level collaborators supporting them in all the business choices and decisions they have to face. Jacinte and Marcel ensure compliance with the climate of harmony within the company and family to pursue their dream of transmitting the business through generations.

The Thuot’s family has a long-term vision to improve and expand the services provided to a loyal and diversified clientele in the wonderful world of transport.

Our history